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The kick-off meeting took place in Welver-Dinker/Germany. We met the 2nd time in Gaziantep/Turkey and continued our work in several times in Gävle/Stockholm/Uppsala in Sweden. We had also meetings with the International Department of the Swedish Labour Market Agency in Stockholm, with the community and Labour Market Agency in Gävle, with the Labour Market Agency of Gaziantep and also with the abour Market Agency of Marburg. Under "results" you can continiously find comments, results and interim reports.
If you need more information don't hesitate to contact the coordinator of the project and administrator of the website:

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The project partners and the coordinator are responsible for all contents of this website.


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Dieter Schulze/executive manager
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An ageing workforce & growing skills & labour shortages in some sectors & regions are strong reasons why mobility of employees & unemployed/trainees should increase in the future program periods of EU. All applying and now the accepted partners of M2U are all involved in training & organising of mobilities for regular groups. They have identified that persons with special needs and SME's (incl. social enterprises) are actually not involved in mobilities as much as other groups. They have identified also a lack of experience & knowledge around best practices.
M2U will assist adult trainers, training centres & others to prepare, organize and evaluate mobility activities for special target groups of employees (e.g. disabled, single mothers, blind, unemployed, people from rural areas) & SME's in a better & sustainable way. M2U will be able to give these employees and especially SME easy-to-use guidelines and checklists to reduce help them reduce the barriers to effective mobilities. They will also help them to attract these target groups more effectively.
M2U undertakes desk research on existing knowledge, guidelines, training materials as well as best practices in the participating countries. M2U will carry out interviews & prepare questionnaires with participants of motilities, adult trainers & host companies. Finally M2U evaluates the data, develop easy to use guidelines, checklists & training material. M2U will test them in local workshops with stakeholders. Target groups will be clients, associatons, employees, employers, labour agencies.
M2U uses its results to achieve the general objectives of the EU concerning the mobility of employees, social inclusion & UN convention of the rights of disabled persons as well as increasing employment facing the structural problems of demographic change.